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The Executive, a small group of eight elected members, provides clinical leadership to the oral health sector and advice to the Ministry of Health on oral health issues, with a particular emphasis on publicly-funded oral health services. Through the Chair, the Executive could also provide independent advice on oral health matters directly to the Minister of Health if necessary.




priority areas to be addressed, in consultation with the sector


with the sector about key initiatives being undertaken


work programmes addressing specific oral health-related areas identified as problematic or of concern

Makes recommendations

to the Ministry of Health or Minister of Health or both, as appropriate


sub-groups or third parties undertaking work on behalf of the Executive

Executive membership is skills-based, rather than representative. Individually, members are regarded as leaders by their peers, are able to think strategically and to work across and between disciplines.


Jane Dunbier


Jonathan is passionate about a better and fairer oral health future in Aotearoa New Zealander. He completed his primary dental qualification at Otago in 2003 and is now a Dental Public Health Specialist and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago. Jonathan has teaching and teaching coordination roles in the dental public health & epidemiology in the undergraduate and postgraduate dental curricula at Otago. He has previously worked in private dental practice and taught clinically at all levels of the Otago undergraduate dental curriculum.

Jonathan conducts research as dental principal investigator with the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study. He Jonathan is current president of the New Zealand Section of the International Association for Dental Research and a past president of the Otago Branch of the New Zealand Dental Association. He is a recipient of the New Zealand Dental Association’s Award for Research (2001) and Outstanding Young Dentist Award (2011), the NZ Health Research Council’s Liley Medal (2017), the International Association for Dental Research ANZ Division Investigator Award in Preventive and Community Dentistry (2015), and was a joint recipient of the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Science Prize (2016). He has been awarded a number of research grants as principal ($1.4 M) or co-investigator ($8.2 M) and has had around 100 articles published in the scientific literature. He has editorial roles with the New Zealand Dental Journal (Scientific Editor), the Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand (Associate Editor), and BMC Oral Health (Associate Editor).


Older People's Oral Health


High Needs and Vulnerable